About CPH Lounge

CPH Lounge is Denmark’s leading supplier to the entire conference, exhibition and event industry, and our area of expertise is lounge and dining area design, VIP area design, furniture for parties, conference and exhibition setup, etc., and, while living up to our motto of Creating Small Worlds, we always take pride in creating and making something very unique for the individual customer – a fantastic success and a memorable experience for everyone.
Our expertise is creating the universe that exactly meets your requirements – for time, the right setup and, particularly, the right price. We are used to working with very strict deadlines, and to meeting them. That is something all customers appreciate. No hidden, price-increasing or sudden surprises. We make our customers feel calm and secure. Our services are absolutely unique in the industry. Our customers decide when we work, not our “opening hours”. Put shortly, we work when you want us to.


We are seeing a tendency towards buying things, using them once and then throwing them away. Sustainable business methods are virtually an industry standard, and, among the many obvious ways of becoming more sustainable, there is one less obvious way – furniture. After the “life” of a piece of rental furniture has come to an end, we often resell it – this significantly extends the life of the individual product compared with a normal direct sale.

Our commitment:
• We carefully plan our deliveries and go over the logistics to optimise space and fuel waste as much as possible.
• We maintain and service our vehicles to reduce pollution.
• We minimise waste through efficient energy and material utilisation.
• Our staff receive training in correct waste disposal and reusable materials, and we use sustainable products where possible.
• We are conscious of the energy and water consumption in our operations.
• We reuse packaging for transport, but also for storing our products.


Being a rental business and thus reusing furniture and items for events, exhibitions, sales meetings, etc., we help curb the buy-and-throw-away culture seen in society. Our products fall into two categories: top quality and backstage – this means that we are extending the lives of our products, which might otherwise be scrapped due to wear and tear. When we are no longer able to let the products for backstage, we sell or scrap them.


Most decoration items are stored and reused. Flowers are rented where possible. If cut flowers are used, we encourage our customers, staff or the venue to take them home with them and enjoy them for another couple of days. In that way, flowers are used optimally and create joy more than once. All vases and bowls used for flowers are reused. We always aim at guiding our customers to make the most environmentally friendly decisions in relation to our deliverables. Such deliverables could be environment-friendly exhibition carpets, reusable roll-ups, etc.


We aim at using LED lighting. LED lighting is a large gain for the environment as the low electricity consumption produces a much smaller carbon footprint.


Our employees are kept up to date on our policies, and we have a good and open dialogue in which everyone can contribute. We work together with the employment placement agency Job-Klar in the local authority area of Taastrup in relation to traineeships for the long-term unemployed who are returning to the labour market. We consider helping people return to the labour market the responsibility of businesses, big or small. This benefits the individual person as well as society.


Transporting furniture from one place to another is not particularly environmentally friendly, but we make a particular effort in terms of packaging and logistics to minimise the pollution of the environment. We pack our vehicles optimally and without wasting space, and we do not like our vehicles to drive around half empty. This being the case, our partners on the transport side are faced with specific requirements. We use businesses headquartered in Denmark that show consideration for the environment by updating their fleets of vehicles regularly to comply with relevant environmental legislation.